How You Can Avoid Financial Struggle in Your Retirement

I have been hearing the statement “Make Hay While the Sun Shine” since childhood. I first heard about it when I was in primary school, from the mouth of one of my teachers, Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson used to make reference to that statement whenever she advised us on the need to be hard-working and do the right thing at the appropriate time.

However, it was some years later that I got to know the full meaning and relevance of that statement in real-life situations.

“Make Hay While the Sun Shines” is an old proverb that is used in giving advice to people to take advantage of a particular situation to achieve something good or tangible that would be beneficial to their lives. It makes people remember that it is good to use a favorable situation to their advantage when they have the opportunity to do so.

The origin of the statement can be traced to centuries ago, when there was no modern technology and it would take several days for ancient farmers to cut, dry, and gather hay. Since hay is a product that perishes easily by getting wet too much, the ancient farmers had to quickly take advantage of the sunny weather to harvest and gather the hay.

What makes that statement captivate me is the pathetic story of one of my late neighbors, who was once a very successful banker. He worked as a manager in one of the units of Wema Bank and was earning well.

My neighbor was so wasteful and extravagant, to the extent that his thriftless lifestyle was very glaring to both the family and people living on the same street. He was the talk of the town; he was popular for lavishing money on women, wine, and betting. He did not save or engage in any investments.

We learned that his father and other family members used to warn him, telling him to save for the future and invest. One elder in the family repeatedly told him why it is good to “Make Hay While the Sun Shines,” but this man refused to heed the warnings as he continued with his careless and irresponsible ways of life.

Unfortunately, during the economic meltdown of 2008, when some companies in Nigeria, most especially banks, were sacking their members of staff, my extravagant neighbor was among the senior officials that were laid off. This unexpected situation marked a negative turning point in his life.

As someone who did not invest or save when a situation was favorable, suffering crept in. He was given a quit notice by his landlord when he could no longer pay his house rent. His efforts to secure another job did not succeed. He had to sell his car and use the money to sustain himself. It got to a stage where feeding became very difficult for him. He later committed suicide as a result of acute depression.

The statement “Make Hay While the Sun Shines” always captivates me whenever I remember the story of my late uncle. It makes me understand that it is good to always take advantage of a favorable situation because the period may not last.

This story makes me understand that to overcome the problem of financial struggle during retirement, you have to cultivate the habit of saving and investing. Why do you need to do this? Number one, we are living in a global economy that is volatile and unpredictable. What does this mean? It means that an economic crisis or a recession can erupt.

Plan for the Future

Many countries are already experiencing a rise in inflation, unemployment, and some other forms of economic challenges due to the war between Russia and Ukraine and other factors. In view of this, if you have a good and stable income at present, don’t join the cliques of those who are engaging in financial recklessness and refuse to plan and invest for the future.

You have enough energy now; start saving and investing so that you will live comfortably in retirement. Have retirement financial planning and viable investments. You may even hire a certified financial planner who can help you draw up a suitable plan.

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