How Can I Keep My Account Active as Google Deletes Inactive Accounts?

On December 1, 2023, tech giant, Google is going to delete all inactive Google accounts as well as the contents that connect with those accounts.


This information is very important to all and sundry because you may have some vital information or important newsletters you may be receiving constantly through your Gmail box. Due to this, you won’t like to experience the issue of Google accounts being deleted.


You may not be able to just lose those cogent messages you are receiving. It is on account of this that we decided to write this article on the simple steps you can take to avoid your account being deleted.


What Are Inactive Accounts, According to Google’s Policy?


According to Google, an inactive account is any of the Google accounts you have not logged in to or used for a period of two years. In other words, it is an account of yours that you didn’t use for two years. It should be noted that a free consumer Google account is also included.


This information is very simple. It means that if you sign in to your Google account for at least two years, your accounts are safe. Not only that, if you also use any of the Google services within a period of two years, your account won’t be deleted.


For instance, if you last used your Gmail account or any of the Google services on September 6, 2022, then note that your account would be marked as inactive beginning on September 6, 2024.

What Are the Inactive Data Google Will Delete?


These are the examples of Google data that would be deleted if your account was marked as inactive: Gmail emails and contacts, Browsing history and bookmarks, calendar events, call history,Google Drive documents, YouTube videos, Google Photos albums, calendar events, voicemails from Google Voice, Location history, comments and channel associations, app data, and data tracked from Google Chrome

Why is Google Invalidating Inactive Accounts?

You may be wondering why Google is taking such a drastic step by deleting inactive accounts. According to the tech giant, the action is necessary because such inactive accounts may be compromised, meaning that they are vulnerable to manipulation.

Google said that forgotten accounts usually depend on re-used or old passwords that might have been compromised. It added that the accounts lack two-factor authentication set up and have not been subjected to enough security checks by the owner.


However, the tech company clarified that the policy will not affect companies or organizations as it only applies to the personal accounts of users.

Simple Ways You Can Keep Your Google Accounts Active

Don’t panic about the policy yet, as Google has provided an avalanche of options you can use to keep your account active. The ways are:


1: Sign in to Your Account.


In order to keep your Google account active, just go to and ensure you sign it at least once every two years.


2: Set Reminders:


You can set calendar reminders, as this will help you sign in to your Google account on a periodic basis; at least you log in once every two years.


3: Use the Google Play Store to download an App:


The Play Store is a service owned and operated by Google where you can explore and find a wide range of apps.


4: Use Any of the Google Services:


You should ensure that you use any of the services offered by Google, such as Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and others. Doing so will be counted as an activity in Google Space.


5: Read Newsletters:


Marketing letters are being sent to your account regularly. Reading them will also be counted as an activity that can make your account active.


6: Share Photos:

In order to keep your Google account active, ensure you are uploading new photos to your Google Photos library


Can You Retrieve Your Google Account If It Is Deleted?


Unfortunately, no. Once your account is deleted as a result of inactivity, it is permanently deleted and can’t be reversed. There is nothing like Google account deleted recovery.

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