These Are the Features that Make New iOS 17.2 Unique


The new iOS 17.2 version comes with a number of wonderful features that make it unique and different from the previous versions.

It is specially designed in such a way that it effectively addresses some serious issues relating to security vulnerabilities.

The new upgrade consists of the much-awaited Journal app. The upgrade makes it possible for you to lock the app with Face ID or Touch ID for the improvement of your privacy and security.

You may ask: what’s new in ios 17.2? These are the features that make the upgrade unique.

1: Journal App

This is one of the main reasons why you should download iOS 17.2. This app makes it possible for you to monitor and record your daily activities and thoughts. There are also optional prompts that you can use as inspiration. You should note that you can include voice recordings, images, and location tags.

2: Reaction with Stickers in Messages

With the new update, you now have the opportunity to press and hold any text in the Messages app so that you can reply with a sticker.

This feature had been there before the new update, but iOS 17.2 makes the process much faster and more efficient to improve your user experience.

Another good thing about this feature is that there is a “Sensitive Content Warning” attached to the stickers in the sense that if someone wants to send a nude picture to you, you will be alerted with a warning of the incoming message.

3: Integration of Movies and Films

Movies and films have now become one in the Apple TV app. It is now designed in a way that makes movies and TV shows fit in one section under the store section.

Instead of using the iTunes app to purchase films and TV shows, you can now make use of the Apple TV app, which is more efficient.

4: Good Navigation

The new App Store navigation makes you explore app categories like entertainment, health and fitness, news, and many others horizontally. This improves the user’s experience.

5: Favorite songs

In iOS 17.1, you were given the option to “favorite” tracks that you cherish most. It was in the previous version, but the new update allows you to add “favorite” songs to your music library.

Another wonderful feature of iOS 17.2 is the availability of the Focus Filter for Apple Music. For instance, if another person wants to use your iPhone to listen to music, with Focus Filter in place, the listening activity of the person won’t affect you as regards future recommendations.

6: Facetime

This is a very important feature in the area of security. If, for example, somebody attempts to call you using a blocked FaceTime user, there is a security system in iOS 17.2 that will issue you a warning concerning the incoming call. You can activate this feature by turning off the listening history.

7: Siri

With this feature, you can use the Health app to get comprehensive details about your health. The health information system can give you replies while asking necessary questions about the level of your heart rate or the number of steps you have taken in a particular day. This can be activated if you log in the data in the Health app through an accompanying Apple Watch.

8: External Device Recording

 iOS 17.2 makes recording to an external device possible without any hassle. If you are using the ‌iPhone 15 Pro models, you can easily record directly to an external device.

 One great and unique thing about this feature is the availability of a new pop-up message, which can let you know if the recording you are doing is not working well as a result of a slow USB-C cable.

You should note that this feature was in the previous version of iOS 17.1, but the new iOS 17.2 gives you an added message about it.

9: New Weather App Features

This new feature shows you the amount of precipitation for the next ten days so that you will be equipped with detailed information about the upcoming rainfall and other weather conditions like snow. There is also a wind map snapshot where you can see a snippet about wind patterns as well as animations.

10: Emergency Alerts and Local Information

This is one of the new ios 17.2 features. “Local Awareness” option can be found under Notifications & Emergency Alerts in the settings category. This feature works well with regards to the reliability and accuracy of alerts.

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