The Best Investments to Make During Inflation: Strategies to Protect and Grow Your Wealth

During the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in 2015, Warren Buffett was asked which of his company’s investments has the capability to thrive during the inflation period. He replied that the one that doesn’t require constant reinvestment is the best way to hedge against inflation. He noted that this is so because such holdings become more expensive as the value of a dollar decreases.

“The best businesses during inflation are the ones that you buy once, and then you don’t have to keep making capital investments subsequently,” Buffett said.

Buffet, during a conference in 2009, said that it is very profitable during inflation to invest in a company in which the products are being demanded extensively, even if the company raises prices.

The Concept of Inflation

If you are asked this question: “Define what is inflation? You can define it as the general increase in prices of goods and services within a particular period of time.

Inflation is an inevitable economic phenomenon that affects the purchasing power of individuals and the overall economy. It erodes the value of money over time, making it crucial for individuals to seek out investments that can protect their wealth.

In this article, we will explore the best investments to make during periods of inflation, providing you with valuable insights and strategies to navigate through these challenging times.

Understanding Inflation and Its Impact

Before we delve into the best investment options during inflation, it is important to understand the concept of inflation and its potential impact on our financial well-being.

Negative consequences of inflation are many. For instance, as prices rise, the value of money declines, leading to a decrease in purchasing power. Impact of inflation on economy is also very great.

During inflationary periods, traditional investments such as cash holdings or low-yielding savings accounts tend to perform poorly. This is because the returns generated from these investments may not keep pace with the rising cost of living. Therefore, it becomes imperative to explore alternative investment options that have the potential to outperform inflation.

The Inflation Rate in the United States

According to the data released by the United States Labor Department on December 12, 2023, the annual inflation rate for the country was 3.1% for the 12 calendar months ending November. 

The next statistics for the country’s inflation rate are expected to be released on January 11, 2024. The US inflation level is okay. However, despite this fact, inflation is something you can’t avoid.

Inflation rates of United Kingdom

As of November 2023, the UK inflation rate was 3.90 percent, compared to 4.60 percent in the month of October.

In January 2023, the inflation rate was 10.10 percent; in February, it was 10.40 percent. In April and May, the rate was 8.7 percent. In October 2023, it was as high as 11.10 percent. 

Like the US, the inflation level in UK is related okay, but the rate is not stable based on the past statistics. That’s why you need the right investments.

Inflation Rate in South Africa

In South Africa, the yearly consumer price inflection rate was set at 5.5 percent in November 2023. That’s the current inflation rate in SA .This is a bit low compared to 5.9 percent in October 2022.

Inflation rate in  Nigeria.

The rate of inflation in Nigeria jumped up to 28.20 percent in November 2023, compared to 27.33 percent in October 2023. According to trading economists and analysts, the rate is expected to rise to 30.00 percent by the end of 2023, towards the end of January.

Why You Need the Right Investments During Inflation

As you can see, the rate of inflation is subjected to changes based on economic and market activities. It is not static in any country.

For instance, in the UK, it was 10.10 percent in January. In April and May,it was 8.7 percent. In Nigeria, the rate continues to rise exponentially.

With the nature of the rate of inflation, you need to have the knowledge of how to hedge yourself against it with proper investment and business.

Here are the investments you can make during inflation:

1: Real Estate as a Reliable Hedge

One of the best investments you can make during inflation is in real estate. Real estate has historically proven to be a reliable hedge against inflation, as property values tend to rise along with the general increase in prices. Investing in residential or commercial properties can provide you with a tangible asset that not only preserves your capital but also generates rental income.

Furthermore, real estate investments offer the potential for capital appreciation over the long term. By carefully selecting properties in areas with high growth potential, you can benefit from both rental income and property value appreciation, thereby safeguarding your wealth against inflationary pressures.

Warren Buffett Investing in Real Estate

According to Warren Buffett, it is a very wise decision to deal in the real estate business during times of inflation because the purchase is a “one-time outlay” for you as the investor, noting that it has the added benefit of being able to be resold.

2: Diversification through stocks and bonds

Another effective strategy to combat inflation is by diversifying your investment portfolio through stocks and bonds. Stocks, particularly those of companies with a strong track record of weathering inflationary periods, can provide significant returns. By investing in companies with pricing power and stable cash flows, you can potentially benefit from their ability to pass on increased costs to consumers.

Bonds, on the other hand, can act as a hedge against inflation by providing fixed interest payments. Consider investing in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), which are specifically designed to protect against inflation. These bonds adjust their value based on changes in the Consumer Price Index, ensuring that your investment keeps pace with inflation.

3: Commodities and Precious Metals

Investing in commodities and precious metals, such as gold and silver, can be an effective strategy to hedge against inflation. During inflationary periods, the demand for these tangible assets usually increases, driving their prices higher. As a result, investors often flock to commodities and precious metals as a store of value.

While commodities such as oil, natural gas, or agricultural products can be volatile, precious metals like gold and silver have long been considered reliable stores of value. They have a track record of maintaining their purchasing power during economic uncertainties, making them attractive investment options during periods of inflation.

4: Consider Bond Maturity Ladders.

Building a bond ladder with varying maturity dates can help mitigate the impact of inflation on fixed-income investments. By reinvesting maturing bonds and capturing potentially higher interest rates, your bond portfolio can better adapt to changing economic conditions.


Inflationary periods can be challenging for investors as the value of their money continues to decline. It is crucial to identify the best investments that can withstand inflation and even provide significant returns. Real estate, diversification through stocks and bonds, and investments in commodities and precious metals are all viable options that offer a hedge against inflation.

By carefully diversifying your investment portfolio and considering these asset classes, you can protect your wealth and potentially benefit from the rising prices that come with inflation.

Remember to consult with a financial advisor to tailor your investment strategy based on your unique financial goals and risk tolerance. With careful planning and informed decision-making, you can navigate through inflationary periods with confidence and secure your financial future.

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