Want to Use Your Iphone for Many Years? Learn How to Maintain Your Battery’s Health 


Whether you opted for the pocket-sized iPhone 13 mini or the great stamina of the iPhone 14 seasoned max, it’s continuously amazing to eke out as much battery life as possible. 

Sadly, the longer you’ve got an iPhone, the more likely you are to discover yourself complaining about declining battery life.

Thanks to technological advancements that have improved the life span of some iPhone series, For instance, it has been observed that the battery of an iPhone 12 can last you up to 17 hours of video playback. Therefore, the question on why iphone battery dies quickly has been solved for you

This is a great opportunity if you are the type that have a knack for entertainment, as it will allow you to enjoy your most favorite movies to the fullest without having any fear about running out of battery. Getting to know how iphone battery health works will help you a lot. 

Despite the technological advancements, you still need to know some tips to follow on how to boost the battery life of your iPhone. Here are some of them:.

1: Enable low-energy mode.

This isn’t a few components that you’ll likely want to do each day; however, if you’re glancing nervously at your battery gauge and traumatic it hasn’t finalized the day, iOS does have a low energy mode to limit functionality in exchange for sturdiness.

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Count on to peer fewer graphical niceties, a lower refresh charge, decreased show display brightness, and various things protected underneath for my part. The distinction is that here they’re all carried out in a single cross for optimum effect.

To allow it, tap’settings’ and then ‘battery’. Then toggle the switch labeled ‘low power mode’.

2: Kill Your Historic Beyond Wireless Offerings

If you’re no longer actively using wireless, Bluetooth, or Airdrop, it’s well worth turning them off until you are. All of these services are constantly scanning in the background, slowly sipping at your battery over the course of an afternoon.

To accomplish that, open settings, then choose ‘wi-fi’ and/or ‘bluetooth’. Tap the toggles to disable the services until required.

3: Find Battery-Sapping Apps

Rather helpfully, the iPhone surely lets you see exactly what’s been draining your battery life. That’s now not too useful if it’s middle apps like Safari or Mail; however, you could discover an impulse download from the app preserve isn’t really worth its battery drain.

Go to settings, then ‘battery’ to view your remaining 24 hours of battery use, and look for any rogue apps. If you want an extended-time period photograph, you can toggle this to the final ten days.

4: Make Certain Your iPhone is Charging Right.

Not only do lithium-ion batteries have a finite range of expenses, but overcharging them can harm the long-term fitness of the cell. In view of iOS 11.3, the iPhone has an integrated solution that video display units while you commonly price your smartphone, bringing the battery as much as eighty% after which retaining it there, best going for the closing 20% in time for you waking up.

It’s called optimized battery charging. Again, you can discover it in’settings’, after which ‘battery’. It’s a setting that everyone must have become aware of and could help protect the life of your battery.

5: Limit Your Apps’ History of Net Utilization

If you have a lively internet connection, the default behavior is for your apps to refresh their content material within the records. This is why emails come through in Gmail or news apps with modern headlines.

This drains battery, even though, so you may want to disable it altogether, or as a minimum, pick and pick out which apps have that privilege.

You may additionally try this with the aid of going to settings, then ‘popular’, then ‘background app refresh’. Here, you could turn it off for every app or choose which apps are allowed and which can be blocked. Do this to enhance your iphone battery’s lifespan

6: A Vivid Display is a Wasteful Display Screen.

One of the most vital drains on a telephone’s battery is the display screen. This is mainly true of large-display display-screen handsets, like the iPhone’s Plus and Pro Max models, despite the fact that the bigger battery these handsets encompass compensates.

All the same, while you could want your show screen to be eye-seekingly extremely good, if you’ve overruled the defaults, that might move in a protracted manner to explain your decreased battery existence.

In brief, the duller your display, the more your battery will thank you. That stated, if you set it to minimal brightness, you won’t be able to see any issues on a sunny day. For this reason, we’d suggest permitting vehicle brightness and letting Apple decide what’s splendid for you.

You ought to find out the automobile brightness toggle in settings, under ‘accessibility’ and ‘display.

7: Make Your iPhone Sleep Quickly.

Ideally, when you’re done using your phone, you should turn the screen off by pressing the power button quickly. But many of us just put it down without doing that, leaving the screen on for no reason.

Your iPhone will lock on its own after a while, but the sooner it does, the more battery you’ll save. Go to Settings, then ‘Display & Brightness’ and ‘Auto-Lock’. Set this to 30 seconds, and your iPhone will go to sleep if you leave it alone for that long. 

This won’t happen when you’re actively using it, since your iPhone knows when you’re looking at it and keeps the screen on for you.

8: Turn off Fancy Effects.

It’s a small thing, but turning off the fancy animations for opening apps and folders can save a bit of battery life. It makes things look more basic, but every little bit helps.

To do this, go to Settings, then tap ‘Accessibility’ and then ‘Motion’. Switch ‘Reduce Motion’ to on, and you’ll see a slight improvement in battery life.


To sum it up, making the battery in your iPhone last longer doesn’t have to be hard. By using these simple tips and tricks from experts, you can make your iPhone’s battery last longer and you won’t be frustrated with the questions on why iPhone battery drains so fast. 

From turning down your screen light to turning on Low Power Mode, there are many easy steps you can take to make your battery better. Start using these tips today and see your iPhone’s battery last longer!.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an iPhone battery keep going?

The battery’s life changes with how much and how you use and charge it. On average, the battery can keep up to 80% of its initial strength after 500 full charges. This means if you charge your phone every day, the battery should still be strong at 80% after about two years. But heat and how you use it can change how long it lasts. They determine your iphone battery”s  longevity

How can I help my iPhone battery last longer?

To keep your battery going longer, don’t let it get too hot or too cold. Also, keeping your iPhone’s software up-to-date can make the battery work better. Turning on low power mode or changing settings like how bright your screen is and which apps can update in the background can also help save battery.

Is it advisable to charge my iPhone overnight? 

Yes, it’s okay to charge your iPhone all night. iPhones stop charging by themselves when full, so charging overnight won’t hurt the battery. Still, it’s good to use a charger you trust and avoid letting your phone get too hot while it charges.

How do I know when I need a new iPhone battery?

If your battery runs out fast or if your phone turns off on its own, you might need a new battery. You can look at your battery’s health in the settings under the battery area. If your health is under 80%, getting a new battery can help your phone run better. However, ensure you follow all our tips because Iphone battery replacement costs are elatively high. 

Can chargers not made by Apple hurt my iPhone battery?

Chargers not made by Apple can be bad for your iPhone battery if they’re not approved by Apple. It’s best to use real Apple chargers or those approved by Apple to avoid harm. Non-approved chargers might not match what your iPhone needs and can damage the battery over time. Your iphone battery’s health should be a major concern.

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