Isreal vs Hamas: We Can Stand Alone Without You- Netanyahu Replies Biden

Israeli officials have slammed America and descended right into a bout of infighting over US President Joe Biden’s remarks that he might halt some shipments of American guns to Israel if a full-scale floor operation is launched into the city of Rafah in the ongoing Israel and Hamas war. 

After Biden made his comments, in an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, stated he believed the choice “can encourage the enemies of the country of Israel and the Israeli country,” while Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to the statement by posting a quick clip of a speech he added some days in the past, in which he stated: “If Israel is compelled to face on its own, Israel will stand alone.”

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Netanyahu reiterated the sentiment on Thursday, on the eve of America’s Independence Day, pronouncing: “In the warfare of independence 76 years ago, we have been few towards many. We had no weapons; there has been an arms embargo on Israel, but with the greatness of spirit, bravery, and solidarity among us, we gained.” The President was making reference to the series of Israel and Arab wars in the past 

The US president’s statement that he was prepared to condition American weaponry on Israel’s moves is a turning factor in the seven-month war between Israel and Hamas. Israel and US have been allied for decades 

The President’s acknowledgement that American bombs have been used to kill civilians in Gaza became a stark recognition of the United States’ role in the struggle.

The president has come under tremendous pressure, such as from participants in his own celebration, to restrict shipments of palms amid a humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

The comment from Biden to CNN is a major setback for Israel’s warfare. America is by a long way Israel’s most essential and most effective best friend, and without its help, Israel’s firepower and ambitions in Gaza could be weakened.

The Biden administration has for months been setting pressure on Israel to do extra to protect civilians in Gaza and to make sure more humanitarian aid may be added there.

The United States has also repeatedly called on Netanyahu and his government to rethink their plans for a complete-scale invasion of Rafah, the southernmost city in Gaza, where more than 1 million people are sheltering after fleeing from combat somewhere else inside the strip.

Israel has, to this point, done a restricted operation across the city, taking control of the Palestinian facet of the Rafah crossing—a vital entry point for useful resources into Gaza—aand sporting out military moves at the city’s fringes.

According to CNN, new satellite snap shots received from Planet Labs show Israel’s attack in Rafah has multiplied from airstrikes to floor operations in the last days.

The Israel Protection Forces (IDF) on Monday instructed a few humans in eastern Rafah to “evacuate immediately” ahead of a military operation within the town. They had been instructed to visit Al-Mawasi, a coastal city near the city of Khan Younis that aid companies have described as overcrowded and now not suitable for habitation. The UN’s Corporation for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) estimated that nearly seventy-nine thousand human beings have fled the metropolis since Monday.

Despite mounting international strain, the Biden management has stood by Israel in the ongoing Israel and Hamas war until now, turning in weapons and other help. The risk on Wednesday got here just a day after Biden used his speech at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to remind people of the horrors of the October 7 assaults on Israel, while Hamas-led fighters killed around 1,2 hundred people in Israel and abducted more than 250. Some of the hostages taken into Gaza on that day are nevertheless being held inside the strip.

“Too many human beings are denying, downplaying, rationalizing, and ignoring the horrors of the Holocaust and October 7, which include Hamas’ appalling use of sexual violence to torture and terrorize Jews. It’s really despicable, and it needs to stop,” he said on Tuesday, raising his voice.

But the president struck a very different note on Wednesday. “I made it clear that if they go into Rafah—they haven’t long past in Rafah yet—in the event that they cross into Rafah, I’m now not presenting the weapons that have been used traditionally to deal with Rafah—to address the towns—that address that hassle,” Biden said, including that America would preserve offering defensive weapons to Israel.

Biden’s remarks have sparked massive anger among a few Israeli politicians.

Speaking at an event honoring fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror assaults, Israel’s Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant said: “I flip to Israel’s enemies as well as to our best of pals and say—the state of Israel can’t be subdued—no longer the IDF, now not the defense establishment, and now not the nation of Israel. We are able to stand strong; we are able to obtain our desires; we will hit Hamas; we can hit Hezbollah; and we will obtain safety.”

Miki Zohar, a minister from Netanyahu’s Likud party, stated it was “extremely good to discover that the arena has forgotten what took place in Israel on October 7.”

“We can now not compromise our security, and we can never agree to publish any demands that damage Israel’s national protection,” he delivered in a post on X, previously known as Twitter.

Speaking on Thursday whether the Israeli military is prepared for a prime assault in Rafah without US weapons, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari stated weaponry would now not be a problem.

“The IDF has weapons for the missions it is making plans for. And additionally, for the missions in Rafah, we’ve got the weapons we require.”

The statement has additionally uncovered the deep divisions between Israel’s various political parties.

Israel’s far-right Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, criticized Biden on X, saying, “Hamas ❤️ Biden.”

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That assertion had brought on a reaction from the country’s President Isaac Herzog, who warned against “baseless, irresponsible, and insulting statements and tweets” for the duration of a speech marking the anniversary of Victory Day.

Other pinnacle Israeli officials additionally criticized Ben Gvir. Yair Lapid, from the centrist Yesh Atid birthday celebration, replied: “If Netanyahu does not fire Ben Gvir these days, he is endangering each soldier within the IDF and every citizen inside the nation of Israel.”

The leader of the Israeli labor party, Merav Michaeli, said that “Netanyahu and his government hold the power to make Israel’s strategic state of affairs worse.”


The political situation between Israel and Palestine has been tense since the former’s independence in 1948.,

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