Ebrahim Raisi: His Rise to Power, How He Used Influence in Iran

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi passed away in a helicopter crash on May 19, 2024.

He played a crucial role in Iran politics for four decades, with civil rights teams stating he was in charge of hundreds of deaths in the Islamic republic.

President Raisi, who passed away in a helicopter accident on Sunday, had actually played an essential role in Iran for years and was also seen as a front-runner to succeed Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as Iran’s supreme leader.

Born in 1960 into a purely spiritual household in the nation’s second-largest city, Mashhad Raisi went through considerable academic training at Qom Spiritual Seminary at the young age of 15.

Expanding via the rankings of power

Raisi was 18 years of age when the Islamic Republic was developed after the 1979 Iran revolution, he quickly climbed up the rankings of power.

He initially was assigned district attorney basic of Karaj, a suburb of Tehran, and at some point he functioned as a replacement district attorney for every one of the resources.

Ebrahim Raisi as a Young Person 

Raisi was a strict fan of the 1979 revolution and swiftly rose through the ranks of power and started making headlines in Iran news. 

Complying with the fatality of Iran’s initial supreme leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, in 1989, Raisi was assigned district attorney of Tehran.

As a participant in Iran’s ‘death commission’ in 1988 as a result of inner political instability as well as the Iran-Iraq battle, Khomeini took a harsh time out on militants as well as political detainees.

Khomeini assigned Raisi to a board in charge of choosing whether detainees were disloyal to the federal government and ought to be executed.

According to civil rights organization Amnesty International, at least 5,000 political detainees were executed based upon the recommendations made by that board.

This board is described as the “”fatality payment”” by numerous challengers of the Islamic Republic, together with Raisi, who was called one of the major civil rights wrongdoers as a result of his participation in it. It likewise resulted in the United States enforcing assents on the future head of state.

After Khamenei’s rise to the position of Iran’s 2nd supreme leader in 1989, Raisi rose within Iran’s judicial system.

After his period as district attorney in Tehran, he acted as the head of the nation’s assessment organization for 10 years, followed by another 10-year duration as the district attorney basic of the Special Court for the Clergy in Iran.

Throughout his period as the first deputy to the principal justice from 2004 to 2014, Raisi played a vital role in the reduction of militants following the discontent that happened after the 2009 governmental political election.

Raisi was a participant in the Assembly of Experts from 2007 until his death, a council to pick a successor for the supreme leader after his death. 

He was just one of Khamenei’s confidants and, therefore, was assigned in 2016 to look after the sanctuary of the 8th Shiite Imam in Mashhad by Khamenei’s instruction. In this placement, he had substantial control over significant funds.

Elected President in 2021

Raisi took part as an applicant in the 2017 governmental political election, where he slammed the incumbent President Hassan Rouhani and the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a nuclear contract between Iran and Western nations. Nonetheless, he was defeated by Rouhani

But he continued to be prominent, along with Khamenei designating Raisi as the head of the judiciary in the Islamic Republic in February 2019.

In 2021, Raisi once again won the presidential election, and in the weeks preceding the ballot, his most exceptional challengers were invalidated. 

With Rouhani not able to run once more because of term limitations as well as a citizen turnover somewhat listed below 50%, Raisi recorded a landslide triumph.

Reduction of ‘Women Life, Freedom’ and Support for Hamas

Raisi’s presidency lasted much less than three years. Throughout his term, the Women, Life, Freedom, objection activity was strongly reduced throughout the nation, leading to the fatalities of a minimum of 500 individuals. Thousands were detained, and seven individuals were executed for their roles in the riots. 

A UN fact-finding mission wrapped up in March 2024 said that Iran had actually allowed murder, abuse, and rape

Raisi likewise revealed support for the Hamas strikes on Israel on October 7, 2023. Iran and Israel have been at loggerheads over the war in Gaza since then. 

Throughout his presidency, Iran assaulted Israel for the very first time on April 15, 2024, with over 120 ballistic rockets and 170 drones, along with over 30 cruise ship rockets. 

The strike was a response to a strike on the Iranian consular office structure in Damascus in very early April, which eliminated seven individuals, consisting of a leading leader as well as his assistant. 

Raisi held a substantial position within Iran’s political framework, making many consider him and Mojtaba Khamenei, the 55-year-old kid of Ali Khamenei, as one of the most noticeable prospects to come to be the next supreme leader of the Islamic Republic

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